DONATE- Project II- Reggae Bar and grill fundraiser

I have been super motivated to get this done, especially with everything going on in the world right now. It's like we need reminders of what humanity is. We need to find something we all can relate to and start back having just fucking conversations again.

At least from my eyes, one thing I see we all have in common is a love for reggae music and that culture of laid back vibes. This is my push. I am not saying everyone understands it, but that will come later. Yes I have a plan for that too.

We NEED more visuals sadly today- things, places to go, that shows unity because we can't think as a whole right now. I am doing what bit I can and hopefully you all will join in and help me. Can't stop there, we need more wonderful ppl doing the same. If i can be a catalyst for it then awesome!