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   Irie Vybez Gear is all about positive REGGAE vibes! Today, reggae fans are as diverse in their clothing style as the music genre! Whether you listen to Slightly Stoopid , Rebelution , Chronixx , or the older styles like Steel Pulse and Burning Spear, reggae has truly become a link to making positive connections in communities around the world! I design clothing, or gear, that reflects the fun positive vibe that comes from good reggae!!

   Remember that awesome reggae song that put a smile on your face? The one made you listen to another, then another? You then became a fan of the music and the positive culture that came with it? THAT, is the vibe I want to share with any and everyone I come across, especially with this page! I create and promote items which brings about that irie vibe you get from reggae music. I like to share that and remind people that unity with positive vibes is the way!

   I create my reggae tees using the words of inspiration I had as a child growing up between the US and my parents home country, Trinidad and Tobago. While the main music of T&T is soca and calypso - which I also love- my father was a D.J. in NYC, and played a lot of reggae as well. Many of his friends, my godfather, was Rasta, and this had a significant part of influence on me from early. The lesson I learned from small was to always find a way to be a positive force in the world and I have always worked towards that goal.

   Each shirt is made to order using digital printing in the USA. Allow 3-5 days to print the order and get it shipped.

     As a child of the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago), I have been to numerous reggae concerts and shows for many years. The one thing that remains consistent is the positivity that shows within its followers, no matter the band playing. I wanted to express my affection for the  genre and help to tie in what I believe is positive evolution on the styles worn by the folks that support the reggae culture.

     I have been fascinated by the many styles of dress that you see at a show today (vintage, hipster, indie, the list goes on!) and believed I had found items that reflect this to sell in my store. Reggae music has always been nonconforming and unique. These styles allow you to be unique and is perfect with the reggae culture!

   This is one of the genre's that puts a feeling of relaxation in you and makes you want to pass it on to others. It almost dictates that you have feeling for you fellow man and share your happiness with others. That is the essence of the "irie vibe" which I am making these items to share with you and hopefully have you purchase them.

   There are so many people that have understood this vibe that are willing to help me broadcast my message of love and unity which is very much needed in today's world, that I will be able to generate the funds needed to do even more in my community to spread this message. 

   The overall goal is to get the capital needed to promote the reggae culture as far as I am able to in my community and further if possible! Remember this: being "Rasta" is more than having nice long locs; that is between you and your creator. It is the condition of your heart and being a positive influence on the people you meet, and how you treat the environment you live in.