The world today

The world today

Aug 03 , 2019



   When I was a child, the phrase "it takes a village" was a common theme no matter where I lived. Whether you were in a single family home or both parents, your community also took part in your being raised. I was a bit of a rogue in my younger years and I would have some of the elders in my community say a few words to me for discipline. And you know what? I listened! Not to say i didn't have reminders but I knew then not to do things in front certain people again.

   Today, you cannot see a child doing something wrong and go give them a warning or  some wisdom without their parents wanting to become belligerent, or taking it as negative commentary. This has become the new norm and does not seem to be going anywhere. I worked for a time in child services and have seen the changes in how people have started to raise their kids, and I believe this is at least part of the cause in those changes.

   My point is the world has been attempting to evolve us to only see what is directly important to the individual and their life. We are being trained to become singular in our thoughts that if we are not affected by an issue which others may be going through, we are not bound to assist in any way. I have witnessed many people look at something terrible going on today and say "glad it's not me!" and move on without another thought on the matter. 

   The one major upswing I do see in the communities today is that while people are turning a blind eye to what does not concern them, there are still greater numbers of people that believe in loving and helping their fellow man. I see people that want to do good in their communities and be a model for others. I see people that want you to shine rather than fall to the side, forgotten. The fact that there are so many people i run into daily that has started growing their locs-for whatever reasons- is an awesome sight to me. 

   Reggae music has always been in my family is from the islands. It can be fun as well as informative. As I follow the Rasta culture, it also gives me reminders through its message to love my brother and fellow man. Be a positive in my community and stand up for those who cannot stand by themselves. This is my practice and while I do have days where I feel the drain I get right back up and get to work on being that positive light!


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